How Technology Impacts the Motor Industry

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Technology has impacted many industries and has left some of them close to non-existent. A good example is the film industry – a company like Kodak, which produced film rolls for the better part of the twentieth century was crushed with the coming of age of digital cameras that did not need a film to operate. Here are some of the significant technological advancements in the automobile industry.

Smart Cars

The coming of technology has brought about smart cars that need less human intervention to navigate through the road networks has become a prominent phenomenon in the car industry. Smart cars such as Tesla have features such as autopilot where the user can release the steering wheel and cruise down the highway with full control left to the car AI system. This is a step in the right direction since it will reduce the number of accidents because we are prone to error. However, computers are less likely to go faulty and cause an accident.

Electric Cars

People have seen the need to go electric because of the detrimental environmental consequences that are caused by the burning of crude oil and other fuels to be able to produce petroleum and diesel for cars to use as their source of energy. Technology has enabled people to harness electricity as the source of power to drive electric vehicles. It achieves a greener world with fewer emissions to the environment and, thus, a better quality of life.


Speed enthusiasts have been able to enjoy faster cars due to technological advancements. A good example is supercars, supercars have been built to burn fuel more efficiently with the assistance of turbo and aerodynamic designs that enable the car to be at peak performance and yet consume optimal levels of fuel.


Technology has enabled people to reduce the rate of road carnage with advancements such as safety belts, roll cages, and break assistance. People who are speed freaks can install instant braking systems that help them break while at a very high speed and yet maintain the stability of the car. Another feature is the feature that deploys the airbags systems in the car when the impact is imminent. This has saved countless lives where accidents have occurred.

It is beloved that necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, the car industry is continuously morphing into a different space due to users demanding better features. This has forced technological advancements in the industry.