playing scrabble

A Guide to Playing Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the most popular games in the world. Marketed in more than 121 countries and 36 languages, it is often played with family or friends and even online. The principle is simple, form words from letters drawn at random in a bag. But the matter is a little more complicated than that.

There are specific rules to follow to earn points and win the game. A word unscrambler may come in handy during this game. You can unscramble service and other words that can be re-arranged easily. In this article, we will discuss more on how to play this particular game.

Principle of the Game of Scrabble

The goal of the player is to collect as many points as possible by creating words on a board using tokens on which are marked letters. Each word asked must be linked to one or more letters already asked by the other players. The games are played with a minimum of two.

During the game, it is possible to challenge the words of opponents. Some words are not allowed in the “official Scrabble” dictionary. There are several versions. Try to build on the most recent. It is also possible to exchange letters. The number of points obtained at the end of the game by each player determines the winner. You have to count them every time.

What Do You Need to Play Scrabble?

To play Scrabble, you will need:

  • a game board;
  • the 102 letter tokens;
  • a bag for letters;
  • supports, called easels, for each player to put down his letters;
  • 2 to 4 players.

How to Play Scrabble and Score Points: How the Game Works

Each time a player places a word on the grid, the points must be counted. Thus, it is necessary to add the numbers of the points marked in the lower right corner of each token used. When we put a word, and one of the letters is on a multiplier box, we multiply the score.

  • A pink box corresponds to “double count word.” We multiply the total sum by 2.
  • A light blue box corresponds to “double count letter.” We only multiply the value indicated on the token.
  • A dark blue box indicates “Letter triple count.”
  • A red box corresponds to “triple count word.”

The multiplier box can only be used once. If your word crosses a letter already placed on a colored box, the multiplier effect will not be applied.

On the other hand, you can use the combinations of boxes to multiply its points if your word is placed on two or more colored boxes.

  • Two pinkscrabble game boxes: the value of the word is multiplied by four.
  • Two red boxes: the value of the word is multiplied by nine (3×3).
  • Three red boxes: we multiply the value of the word by 27.
  • A light blue box and a red box: we first multiply the letter’s value by two, then the value of the word by three. The same is done for each combination of blue, red, and pink.

If a player manages to place seven letters at once forming a word, he gets a bonus of 50 points. The latter can never be multiplied, even if the word is set on colored boxes. Each Scrabble game contains white chips. These are the …